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Fine tune your marketing + uncover the secret to magnetic sales on social media 

Jamie Simonis Brand Kit.png

You've discovered your passion and are ready to make your presence known so you can finally start living the life you've always dreamed of. 

Maybe you've already unlocked the key to earning a few thousand each month, and are celebrating this as a huge win!

However, you're still wondering if there is a way to transform all of your hard work & efforts into a Magnetic, client attraction machine so that you can spend your days focused on what matters most to you.

Your desire is to be more intentional with your marketing and utilize the power of social media as a platform to make sales in your business.

... but deep down you know that without the right guidance + strategy, you may end up spending more time wasted, frustrated and confused.

The secret? Uncovering the human behind the brand and becoming Magnetic.

Light and Shadow

You're ready to monetize your brand and effortlessly attract new clients and sales month after month.

You've researched or even invested tons of hard earned money into coaching programs where the support ends after 6-weeks and you're left on your own to determine all the right moves.

You're in need of the hands on support, questions answered fast, and tools from someone who has actually scaled past multiple six figures.

Imagine if anytime you needed, you had someone to:

  • Help you design captivating funnels that softly persuade clients to choose working with YOU.

  • Tweak your website & sales pages so you can receive a no brainer YES from anyone who discovers you.

  • Take a peak at your logo, colors, fonts and graphics to help you uncover a show stopping brand aesthetic.

  • Work with you to discover your voice and magnetic messaging so you can pitch your offer with confidence and clarity.

  • Jump on calls with you to go over your business launch or scaling plans to make sure every piece is aligned.

  • Give you a chance to talk out your ideas and help pick the one that feels best for you and your ideal clients.

The fact of the matter is that many coaching programs are delivering an abundance of overwhelming information that doesn't actually apply to you.

I'm changing the narrative of coaching with The Magnetic Marketer Mastermind Program by providing all of the tools and hands on support you need to experience real support customized to you.

The business you desire is within reach by following the principles of the MAGNETIC MARKETER   Mastermind.



Weekly Group Coaching

We start off each call answering pre-submitted questions and then move into hot seat coaching to talk through your business launches, brand + marketing, social media content, mindset and more.

2 Private 1:1 Coaching Calls

Personalized coaching to help you design your brand, launch, marketing strategy, and more. Together we will deep dive into every piece of your business and give you ideas on ways you can tweak your marketing, master your mindset and increase sales to lock in the highest possible return on investment.

Daily Access Slack Channel 

Share your projects with our team + fellow "masterminder's" for feedback on your business strategy, launch, marketing + ads. Get ideas & support that will improve your marketing strategy + increase sales. Ask me anything about my business! My team and I answer questions M-F.

VIP BONUS: 1:1 Voxer Access To Me

Receive my eyes on your business (M-F) to answer your questions, provide feedback on your ideas, and help you work through any obstacles you need help with including mindset shifts & overcoming fears, messaging & marketing mistakes, business launch & content strategy and more.




Online Educator, Business Branding Expert, Social Marketing Executive, Mama & Big-Vision Enthusiast.

I have a heart for teaching others how to create a MAGNETIC   brand and online presence with the power of social media. If you're a solo-preneur who's ready to create a wildly recognized online presence as well as build wealth through strategic online sales, you're in the right place. 

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The upgrades you can expect to recieve:

Jamie Simonis Brand Kit (1)_edited.png

Become insanely confident and break all limiting beliefs so you can show up on camera & sell, sell, sell!

Jamie Simonis Brand Kit (1)_edited.png

Learn all the secrets graphic designers don't want you to know about designing a unique, captivating brand.

Jamie Simonis Brand Kit (1)_edited.png

Learn how to craft a compelling offer that converts followers into booked appointments.

Jamie Simonis Brand Kit (1)_edited.png

Uncover your Brand's Story and guide followers through a customer journey that results in them buying from you.

Jamie Simonis Brand Kit (1)_edited.png

Cure the shiny object syndrome and become fully booked and secure in your future sales pipeline

It's like a Cosmo but built for women in business. It's the highs, the lows, and all the in between of building an online empire and making your brand presence known in your community.
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Are you local to Northern Colorado? Join a community of like-minded women on the same path of personal and professional development.

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