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Hey, I'm Jamie! I'm a Colorado based solo-preneur, Realtor, brand & marketing strategist, podcaster & mother.

I guide hundreds of women each week in balancing motherhood & business, developing a personal brand, & marketing with authenticity. You in?

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It's a journey of self-empowerment and my dining room table... and honestly, if I had it my way, that's where you and I would be sitting right now. Hashing out all the details of your captivating brand.

Since we're getting to know each other in the digital realm these days, I invite you to keep scrolling to learn more about my timeline, or if you're ready, you can jump right into developing your unique, awe-inspiring brand.

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I'm probably sipping my tall-iced coffee from Starbucks, getting kids ready for school, or marketing for our small real estate team in Fort Collins, Colorado. I might also be daydreaming ways to help other solo-preneurs get from where they are to where they want to be.

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What lights me up is helping women harness their unique gifts within them to take control of their lives and businesses. I love seeing their faces and hearing the joy in their voice when they tell me "I just booked my first client because of your help" and knowing deep down that I was just shining the spotlight on the strengths that we're already there.

If you're new here, marketing is kinda my thing... and I love helping solo-preneurs discover a clear path to sales in their businesses. Stick around and I'll show you how!

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... but felt like an outsider.

I knew that I was different, but I had no idea that I would one day be sharpening my skills as an entrepreneur, freelancer, and self-made marketing pro.

Everyone I knew was going to college and the idea sounded, well, less than appealing to me. I craved adventure and experiences, and college didn't give me that awe-inspired feeling of freedom and inspiration.

Nonetheless, I stayed the course and attempted to fit the mold of what everyone else was doing. It lasted six months before I dropped out and embarked on my heroes journey from New England to the Mid-West!


When I set out to become an entrepreneur, I didn't think I could broadcast my life to others without them thinking I was an imposter for not having it all together.

I wasted several years in what I now call "the confusion realm" where I was a vanilla wafer blowing in the wind, meaning I had no idea what my true purpose was or what made me special.

I knew I wanted to make a bigger impact in this world, but the reality of financial struggles was standing in my way. So I slapped on my blue light glasses and began seeking ways to make a lot of money, and then...


I believe that many of us grew up with the belief that we should keep our struggles secret, resulting in the fear of being seen by others. 

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Welcome to a whole new chapter of hearing "Mommy" 24,000x a day! If only I had a dollar for every time.. 

...but my purpose grew deeper, and much sweeter. I now had an even greater motivation than financial freedom, I now had a duty to be the best version of myself that I possibly could be.

Each time I begin to lose focus, motivation or inspiration, I go back to my values (a major part of developing a strong brand) and I'm reminded of my purpose.

However, the financial struggles didn't end there. I was still left with the empty whole in my heart and bank account. I knew I had to do something...

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With no business experience, no marketing skills, and no direction, I struggled. It felt like everyone around me threw up a cold hand at my face, and I was on my own to find the most creative, innovative way of generating business.

Flash forward 7 years and I'm now a Top Producing Realtor alongside my amazing partner & love of my life. Our partnership has freed up my time to pursue my other passion in life...

...helping women discover the unique power within them to craft a compelling personal brand and sales strategy in their businesses. 

So I became a real estate agent. Hands down the toughest industry to make your personal brand stand out.

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I now believe the key to success in any business is allowing yourself to be seen as a real human and not just a business. 

Here's why: Your life's work should reflect you and the reason you wake up in the morning. It should be profitable, sustainable. and believe it or not, fun! 

This is the story that I'm living in my life & my business, and I want to help you do the same. Grab your favorite blend of coffee, put on your favorite pair of sweats and let's build out your dream business, step-by-step.

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Online Educator, Business Branding Expert, Social Marketing Executive, Mama & Big-Vision Enthusiast.

I have a heart for teaching others how to create a MAGNETIC   brand and online presence with the power of social media. If you're a solo-preneur who's ready to create a wildly recognized online presence as well as build wealth through strategic online sales, you're in the right place. 

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It's like a Cosmo but built for women in business. It's the highs, the lows, and all the in between of building an online empire and making your brand presence known in your community.
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